About Us

 Dr. Pamela Milosevich

With over 24 years experience in the practice of holistic chiropractic care, Dr. Pamela Milosevich has earned the reputation of being a truly compassionate healer who has dedicated her life to providing her Vermont neighbors with relief from pain and suffering. As a successful chiropractor, Dr. Milosevich works on a daily basis with people who bear the pain of an injury or the discomfort of a spinal/musculoskeletal related disorder, and she can't help but feel their physical and emotional distress. Her prescription has always been to provide her patients with caring, understanding, and effective healing therapies to restore pain-free health.

When you meet Dr. Milosevich, you will immediately sense her warm, friendly, and relaxed nature, and you will also note her genuine eagerness to accurately diagnose your problem in order to bring relief as quickly as possible. In short, the good doctor does not like to see people suffer, and with nearly a quarter century of experience behind her, her patients know that - once inside her doors - maximum possible relief will soon be on its way.

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