Comprehensive Services

Dr. Pamela Milosevich as been a practitioner of chiropractic care for over 32 years, during which time she has helped countless patients achieve and maintain optimal whole body and mind wellness.  At the Healing Centre in Montpelier, VT, Dr. Milosevich uses a holistic approach to chiropractic care for all natural relief from the pain of an injury or the distress if a spinal related medical disorder.

We invite you to enjoy a healthful, pain-free, and far more vital quality of life that traditional medicine often fails to deliver – traditional care that relies almost exclusively on invasive surgeries, or harsh pharmaceuticals that come with endless warnings about potential and oftentimes extremely serious side-effects.  If you would prefer to benefit from all natural healing therapies, be seen by a caring, dedicated and effective chiropractor that can help you and your entire family enjoy a better quality of life.

Dr Milosevich wants you to know that chiropractic care focuses on careful analysis and corrective adjustments of the spine, a centerpiece of treatment that is accompanied by a wide range of support therapies and counseling services that combine to provide a comprehensive approach to wellness.  At The Healing Centre, a team of healthcare professionals is available to serve you through the expert delivery of a full range of chiropractic services that include but are not limited to:

Restorative and Healing Exercises –Our primary goal is to heal injuries and restore health as quickly as possible, and in some cases, our therapies will include teaching a patient how to perform a variety of exercises, each of them tailored to a patients specific injury or disorder.  Dr Milosevich will carefully and patiently teach you how to perform simple exercises designed to strengthen muscles related to back, neck and extremity problems. 

The above exercises will reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle atrophy while increasing joint and connective tissue health for improved mobility.

Chiropractic care includes a broad spectrum of exercise routines to cover an equally wide variety of injuries and/or spinal/muscoskeletal disorders, and its important that each patient is diligent in performing his or her exercise regimen in order to obtain an optimal result.

Stretching Exercises – If you’ve suffered and injury, there are a number of stretching exercises that are designed to prevent the excessive formation of scar tissue.

Massage Therapies – in addition to the expert care of Dr. Milosevich, The Healing Centre also offers the services of a highly experienced Licensed Massage Therapist who complements perfectly the numerous other treatments we provide. 

Electronic Muscle Stimulation – Perfectly safe and painless, beneficial muscle stimulation therapies use low voltage electrical currents, delivered through electrodes placed on the skin to stimulate muscles to reduce pain and inflammation.  Other forms of electrical stimulation are used to prevent muscle deterioration during prolonged periods of restricted or reduced mobility.

Cold Laser Therapy – If you have been searching for a chiropractor that is trained in the use of cold laser therapies, Dr. Milosevich uses highly concentrated beams of non-heat producing light rays. Cold laser therapies stimulate nerves to reduce pain and inflammation while accelerating the healing process.  Completely painless, FDA approved, fast acting, and widely used around the world, cold laser therapies also promote joint and connective tissue health and healing.

Ionic Foot Bath TherapyThis form of therapy relies on low voltage electrical currents conducted through a saline solution, in which a patient immerses his or her feet.  These electrical currents generate positively charged ions that unblock critical energy pathways and stimulate the body to cleanse itself of heavy metals and a wide variety of other toxins. Ionic foot bath therapies are a safe and painless whole body cleanse that uses the body’s own waste elimination systems to rid itself of environmental dietary and other harmful toxins.

Dietary Analysis and Supplementation – While medical doctors (as hard as this may be to believe) believe literally no education in diet and nutrition, doctors of chiropractic must complete a minimum of 90 hours of such training.  But this is a mere beginning.  As a holistic healer, Dr. Milosevich has made the accumulation of knowledge on the subject of diet and nutrition a life long pursuit.  “…of course the foods and beverages we put inside our body play an undeniable role in our physical health and mental well-being.  How could anyone believe otherwise?” ~ Dr. Pamela Milosevich

You will learn how over-processed, essentially nutrition-less, sugar, salt and fat-laden foods can be a chief cause or major contributor to your pain and/or illness.  You will receive expert nutrition counseling and have access to a wide variety of 100% all natural, high potency, and premium quality dietary supplements that can make a dramatic difference in your health, mental clarity and overall quality of life.  Achieve and maintain whole body and mind wellness!