Ionic Footbath

Also known as ion cleanse foot bath or detoxification foot spa, ionic foot bath therapy relies on proven biological principles to promote whole body and mind wellness. A valuable and effective clinical tool, ionic foot bath therapy helps to eliminate numerous toxic substances in 100% all natural ways while unblocking critically needed energy pathways throughout the body. This treatment also contributes to a biological environment that's favorable to overall good health, and is well-known to enhance vitality while promoting clarity of mind and a genuine sense of well-being. 

Experience for yourself the benefits of ionic foot bath treatments when you visit Dr. Pamela Milosevich who provides state-of-the-art detoxification foot spa therapy at The Healing Centre.

Ionic Foot Bath Therapies - Facts and Fictions

Ionic foot bath therapies are not, as some over zealous promoters of the medical technology claim, a "cure all" for "whatever ails you". There are limitations to any medical intervention, and detoxification foot spa treatments are no different. Ionic foot baths will not cure cancer, prevent hair loss, improve your eyesight, etc., and it's unfortunate that a number of questionable claims such as these have been associated with a well-proven therapy that has significantly enhanced the health of countless individuals around the world.

Dr. Milosevich has always counseled her patients to be wary of the "hype" that will oftentimes accompany any medical advance or breakthrough - pay far more attention, she will tell you, to the clinically established facts. Long-term studies have clearly shown that ion cleanse foot bath therapies have provided individuals with numerous health benefits such as those noted below:

  • A 100% all natural whole body cleanse for enhanced health - enjoy greater clarity of mind and a general sense of well-being
  • Unblocks energy pathways in the body to boost critically important functions of the body's detoxifying organs - whole body cleanse is              achieved naturally through enhanced functions of the skin, liver, kidneys, colon, and lungs
  • Stimulates capillary (micro-vascular) circulation in the detoxifying organs
  • Improves lymphatic circulation (immune system) functions, which help the body to resist infections and disease
  • Enhances sleep and memory center functions in the brain
  • Increases the body's resistance to harmful electromagnetic field radiation
  • Enhanced cellular/tissue repair and healing - enjoy greater mobility, flexibility, and relief from arthritis or other forms of joint pain
  • Faster healing after an injury or following surgery
  • Increased metabolic (nutrient absorption) efficiencies and more

How Ionic Foot Bath Therapies Work. . .and How They Don't . . .

Ion cleanse foot bath treatments are easily accomplished when an individual immerses his or her feet in a soothingly warm saline solution, through which runs a precisely calibrated, low voltage electrical current. Wholly safe and totally free of side effects, this electrical current travels in a circuit throughout the body while generating what are known as "positively charged ions".

It is incorrectly believed by some (those who are inexpert in the technology) that positively charged ions attach themselves to negatively charged toxins and heavy metals, all of which are then expelled through the bottom of the feet into the saline solution. There is, however, little clinical evidence to support this belief, and medical experts have now concluded that the ionic foot bath achieves its remarkable results by unblocking energy pathways while facilitating a direct and highly beneficial "positive ion" related affect on the body's primary detoxifying organs. Once your bodies own defenses are functioning at optimal levels, countless varieties of harmful contaminants are then disposed of through the body's all natural elimination of waste.  

The Healing Centre Can Put Ionic Foot Bath/Whole Body Cleanse Therapies to Work for You

Are you suffering from minor to severe aches and pains? Has your good health been stolen from you by one or more of a wide variety of spinal/musculoskeletal-caused disorders for which there is chiropractic care relief? Are you reluctant to take the chance of suffering even more from the potentially dangerous side effects of prescription drugs or the many possible complications of invasive surgeries? If so, we invite you to talk to Dr. Milosevich about 100% all natural therapies such as ionic foot baths, cold laser treatments, gentle, non-force skeletal/spinal adjustments, expert healing massage, dietary supplements and much more.

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