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Are you looking to reset your body?

Standard Process Purification Program

The 21-day Standard Process Purification Program isn’t just a cleanse diet. It’s a structured program that brings healthy lifestyle habits into focus.

It’s designed to purify, nourish and help patients maintain a healthy body weight by eating whole foods, exercising, drinking nutritious shakes and taking supplements made with whole food and other ingredients.

The menu includes a varied abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits for the first 10 days, with select proteins added on day 11. The supplements support the body’s ability to remove naturally occurring toxins. This promotes a state that allows for toxin release.

SP Cleanse combines 20 unique whole food and botanical ingredients designed to support the body's normal toxin-removal processes.

• Supports healthy kidney, liver, and gallbladder function

• Encourages healthy digestive function

• Supports the body's natural toxin-elimination function

• Promotes healthy elimination*

Suggested Use: Seven capsules, three times per day on an empty stomach or with a nutritional supplement shake, or as directed.

SP Green Food provides a simple way to supplement the diet.*

• Promotes healthy liver function

• Supports overall cellular health

• Supports cholesterol metabolism, to help maintain cholesterol levels already within a normal range

• Supports the body's normal toxin-elimination function

• Can be used as nutritional support in the Standard Process Purification Program*

Suggested Use: Two capsules three times per day, or as directed. Please consult the actual product label for the most accurate product information.

Zypan® combines pancreatin, pepsin, and betaine hydrochloride to facilitate healthy digestion.

• Supports macronutrient digestion

• Supports gastric pH

• Includes stearic acid to coat the pancreatin, helping it to be digested in the correct area of the digestive tract

• Provides enzymatic support for protein digestion

• Supports the environment of the GI tract*

Suggested Use: Two tablets with each meal, or as directed.

Gymnema contains a complex mixture of saponins (gymnemic acids) and other compounds. This product is standardized to contain 100 mg per tablet of gymnemic acids to ensure optimal strength and quality. The substances in Gymnema work together to:

• help reduce sweet cravings

• help suppress/inhibit sweet taste sensation*

Suggested Use: 1 tablet 1 - 2 times daily, or as directed.

SP Complete Vanilla or Chocolate offers essential whole food nutrition in a convenient powder with delicious vanilla or chocolate flavor.*

• Provides amino acids

• Supports intestinal, muscular, and immune system health

• Provides ingredients with antioxidant activity

• Supports healthy liver function

• Supports the body’s normal toxin-elimination function

• Contains nondenatured whey proteins that have kept their nutritional integrity throughout the manufacturing process

• Supports the maintenance of a healthy weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle

• Natural flavors made without the use of monosodium glutamate (MSG)

• Adds vital nutrients to any diet and can be used as nutritional support in the Standard Process Purification Program*

Suggested Use: Four rounded tablespoons (scoops) in 8 ounces water. One to three servings per day, or as directed. Mix thoroughly for 10-15 seconds.

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