Dr. Pam and the Healing Center are amazing. I recently slipped and twisted my neck and back on the ice and after 1 week of the pain not going away, I had 1 visit with Dr. Pam and the pain was gone almost immediately. 24 hours later and I have almost 95% full range of motion back again. After a few more smaller visits I will be back to 100%. Life changing. Thank you so much!  Mike L

Dr Pam gets my body AND my mind going in the right direction.  B Watson

HA!!! LONG Story short: Went to Neurologist (in 2010..) He did the tests, and told me my arm was numb bc I had carpal tunnel. Looked me straight in the eyes and said 'you will one day have to have surgery for this'. I said 'Thank you, I'll be on my way'.  
Started seeing Dr. Pamela Milosevich at The Healing Centre in Montpelier (for my foot, actually, which I'd managed to dislocate at Greyfox that year).  
Just through adjusting me, she could tell I was suffering from a huge imbalance in my diet, burning & unpredictable guts, weird skin, swollen joints, insides creaking and groaning, uncontrollable weight gain...(I thought I was just getting old).  
She informed me I needed to stop eating wheat (OH crap...!). The following summer was spent as a trial & error period. I stopped w/ the wheat, but wasn't strict about it at all. Still drinking malt, and ignoring things like cross-contamination, and soy sauce etc. My guts were markedly better..but I was still not right. I finally cut out gluten entirely, and I discovered I had an utter and complete intolerance for the stuff. To the point where We (w/o the help of an invasive scope) were able to diagnose me as Celiac. I got off the gluten...w/ her help, I fixed my thyroid, we're working on my gallbladder & my guts still, but night and day comparatively speaking. My daily experience is NOTHING like what it used to be, w/ regards to a miserable GI tract (funny what one thinks is 'normal').  
OH yeah...long story short...These changes caused me to stop retaining, and finally lose the toxic bloat my body had accumulated for the 30 years I was slowly poisoning myself.... which directly resulted in almost complete alleviation of the Carpal Tunnel. . . (Oh yeah, and 60 lbs I really do not miss...). Jennifer M

I've worked with other chiropractors in the past, and Dr. Pam at The Healing Center is fantastic. When she adjusts me, my entire day is changed in ways that feel profoundly peaceful and healing. On a practical level, her work has helped my body feel substantially confident, healthy, and aligned, from head to toe. I love Dr. Pam's work and will continue working with her happily. I would highly recommend The Healing Center and Dr. Pam as a chiropractor.  Sam M